Iron Deficiency Symptoms and Test

iron deficiency signsWhy it is so important to recognize iron deficiency symptoms as soon as possible? In the conditions of iron deficiency (according to medical statistics, 80 % of people receive less iron chronically, and this condition stays hidden for a long time) hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) is developing, that interrupts normal work of cells, organs, tissues immediately; brain and heart suffer the first. Gradually, iron deficiency evolves into iron deficiency anemia. Children and teenagers during the period of intensive growth, pregnant women and nursing women (including recuperation, professional athletes, senior citizens are in the risk group.

Main iron deficiency symptoms

Iron deficiency is observed:

-         At various blood losses (including menstrual and connected with traumas and diseases);

-         At the increased iron demand (it develops at serious sport activities, a vegetarian diet or person’s restriction for the sake of weight reduction;

-         At congenital iron deficiency;

-         At iron transportation disturbance because of transferrin enzyme shortage (it helps iron with quantity to 12 mg to get from intestines through mucous membranes into blood system);

-         At iron uptake disturbance (for example, at the helminthic invasions interfering normal ironabsorbtion);

-         At the diseases connected with a lack of iron (iron deficiency anemias).

First symptoms of iron deficiency:

-         Pale complexion, dryness and skin flaking;

-         Brittleness of nails and trichoclasia, rhagades;

-         Clouded sensorium;

-         Performance and motivation decrement;

-         Chronic fatigue, apathy;

-         Breathlessness;

-         Creeping sensation in hands and feet;

-         Recrudescent virus diseases;

-         Inappetence;

-         Deglutitive problem;

-         Intestinal disorders;

-         Blood supply problems.

It follows thence one has to fill iron deficiency, if it is observed, by means of the special medications placed on the doctor. Medications are taken by courses for 2-3 months, 2 times a year.

Test to detect iron deficiency signs

Pass the small test which will help you to make tentative conclusions about amount of iron in your organism. Count points.

1. Whether you eat meat or not?

A) often (1 point)

B) seldom (4)

C) (almost) no (6)

2. Whether regularly you eat fruit and vegetables or not?

A) regularly (1)

B) quite often (3)

C) seldom (5)

3. Whether often you expose yourselves to danger in a food?

A) once a year (2)

B) many times in a year (6)

C) never (1)

4. How do you estimate your energy resources?

A) constantly right (2)

B) it depends (4)

C) quickly and often tired (6)

5. Whether easily you concentrate or not?

A) absolutely (1)

B) not always or not so easily (2)

C) hardly and/or quickly losing concentration (6)

Test results:

– less than 10 points: there is a good level of iron in your organism;

– 11-20 points: there is iron deficiency, you have to pay attention to its contents in a diet;

– 21-30 points: iron deficiency in your organism is expressed, seek help from your therapist for inspection and prescription a ferriferous preparation course.